Separation of Concerns with Finagle

The Separation of Concerns (SoC) pattern is one of those software architectural choices that everyone is helpful. It increases clarity, shortens the amount of code in the working context, and minimizes the chance of side effects. For example, two concerns that shouldn’t require entanglement: updating data and cache invalidation. Both are related, but one is concerned about business logic and database access, while the other deals with the cache servers. Finagle’s generated FutureIface can be used to keep these two separate. Continue reading

Transitioning C# to Scala Using Thrift

ScalaA 30 minute presentation I made on Sept 19th in a Scala-Toronto meetup. The slides introduce Apache Thrift and the additional features offered by Twitter’s Finagle stack.

The overall theme is presenting the lessons learnt while using of the cross-language RPC capabilities of Thrift to transition a Microsoft .Net C# workplace to Scala.

Scala-Toronto meetup

Slides: Transitioning C# To Scala Using Thrift.pdf

The presentation’s slides are from a technical prospective; a co-worker has an excellent blog elucidating the motivation, social effect, and final outcome of the company’s decision to choose Scala. It is well worth a read.