Real-time Data Mining with Spark

There are 2 new principles at the vanguard of today’s technology:

  • Reactive UX. As the world’s population spends an increasing portion of their lives electronically, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to capture the online audience. Web 2.0 is now over a decade old: the age of the static website is gone. UI advancements of HTML5, CSS, and a new breed of high performance JavaScript engines are bringing native app experiences to the browser.
  • Big Data analytics. Business needs have increased in complexity beyond simple BI aggregates. To separate one business from the rest it’s becoming increasing important to find the needle in a growing haystack.

Apache SparkToday’s web users expect a Reactive UX, just as today’s business analysts expect Big Data functionality. One of today’s hottest fields for R&D lies in their intersection. There are few software packages optimized for this purpose, perhaps the best originated in UC Berkeley’s AMPLab, and it’s called Spark. Continue reading